Monday, July 25, 2011

Letting Go or Not

Blogs are funny things - we get all excited and write a lot, and then the fascination fades, or we're distracted by other things. I was able to keep on this one for quite awhile, but then bought my own domain, then another, and thing I knew I had a plethora of websites.

This is one of the blogs that got caught in the middle of it all. It's where I started, but finishing is hard.

In the world of websites, backlinks become gold, so while I normally would have folded it and called it a day, the value of the links coming from this site to other sites has put me at odds. Silly little thing. An old, little blog that I wrote to for so long - that I rarely write to, and yet it stands - because of the places it points to.

Seems weird, and yet it's all part of the deal.

Anyway, just popping in to keep this alive at this point. Quite the quandary....